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April 2017

    How do I know when I should create a brand? When should I rebrand? These questions get asked every day, multiple times per day by thousands of companies, both big and small. Making the decision whether to brand or not to brand (that is the question!) can be tough. A lot of time, money and energy all go into creating your brand. And, it’s subjective – do you brand today or tomorrow or next year?

    How relevant is your messaging and your visuals? If there is a question in your mind, it’s probably time to take the plunge. Having both relevant and clear messaging to your audience is extremely vital to your business. If your customers cannot understand what services you provide, what products you’re selling, and how they can contact you to do business, then you have a problem.

    Branding is simply conveying a clear, concise and memorable message to your target audience. It’s that simple. A problem should be present for a true rebrand to occur.

    Logos, taglines, websites, color palettes, company shirts, signage, vehicle wraps, business cards and all of your company touch points are tidbits of your brand. They make up the message and feeling you want to portray to your clients.

    When should you brand? It’s simple. When you need to convey a message. A company isn’t the only thing that gets branded. You are your own personal brand; how you speak to others, what you wear, and what car you drive are just a few simple examples of your own brand. You are telling your own story through elements you might not even think about. A marketing campaign needs its own brand (following the company brand, of course), an event like a wedding needs branded, and even an Instagram account needs branded. Consistent visuals and consistent wording are the core elements of a brand, and once those are final the rest follows suit.

    When should you rebrand? Sometimes it’s a feeling, sometimes it’s reflective on sales/income generation, or sometimes it’s a culture change. There are many reasons behind why a rebrand is needed. A rebrand is not a change in logo and marketing materials. A rebrand is not stating you are adding more product. A rebrand IS a combination of the two. Branding is a solution to a problem. To increase sales, to change company culture, to change business direction, or to announce new leadership, to target a new audience, when merging and acquisitions take place – all reasons to rebrand.

    The best advice when answering the question, “Is it time I create a new brand?” is this: If a problem needs solved, then yes. And, guess what? Tidbit Creative can help one tidbit at a time.