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October 2017
  • CORPORATE BRANDING – How Much Does It Cost?

    The story of our life. And, yours! When you go to Whole Foods, Aldi’s, and WalMart, you know how much that green pepper, gallon of milk, and shampoo bottle will be because they list price tags. You know what you want and you know how much it costs, which makes your decision making process fairly simple. We’re all used to that.

    But, when it comes to a new logo, a new website, and new business cards…where do you even look for these services, what do you like, what don’t you like, and how do you even make these ideas into tangible things? And, how much does it all cost? Your business is the most important thing to you because you rely on it and it relies on you. It has to thrive, and it has to grow. In order to do so, your brand has to be eye-catching, enticing, and make your customers trust you and want to continue doing business with you.

    There are countless freelancers and companies across the globe that can create a logo, website, and business cards for you. But, will they tell your entire story? Your brand story? Sure, a freelancer may only charge you a few hundred bucks to create a logo, and another company might charge you a few more hundred to write a few blog posts, but when you piece the two together, they don’t really make sense, and then you’re at a loss as to where put them.

    Let us give you a “tidbit” of advice. Don’t skimp out. Just because a lower price point may attract you at first, because hey, we all know this is an intangible good, don’t let it fool you. You will end up spending more money and more time (which equals to be even more money) in the end putting all parts and pieces together yourself.

    Your visuals should be compelling and interesting, while your content should tell your company story with the correct voice, and these should all come together on various print and digital platforms at the right times presented to the right audience. Your graphics, content, and strategy should all come together one tidbit at a time. And, don’t worry – this is something we do and do well – we don’t charge more than just a tidbit.

    A tidbit of creativity goes a long way.

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