Email Signatures

In today’s world we are all living very differently and communication is key – it’s just done more virtually than in person. You’re probably texting, social media-ing, and emailing more now than ever. We know we are – we’ve even eliminated any in-person meetings and changed them to Zoom, Google Duo calls, and even Facebook Messenger video chats. It’s challenging! We know!

Despite our decreased face-to-face meetings, our brands still need to shine! What does this mean for your marketing? It’s not done for, but rather it needs to evolve. More digital branding needs to shine through now more than ever.

All of those emails you’ve been sending are a true representation of your brand. People see your photo, your name, your title, and what company you’re with and make judgements. We’re sorry to say it, but they do. To look your best, your communications need to look their best and your email is first on the list.

We’ve designed some pretty cool email signatures, so we wanted to show them to the world.










Ok, we’ve convinced you that you need a snazzy email signature, right? Great! Our spots are filling up fast, but we still have openings during this promo. It’s only $200 and you get a few rounds of edits to ensure that you get exactly what you want.


Email us for more info, and if you’re already convinced then we can get started right away:

A little bit of creativity goes a long way.